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These brass collars will increase in beauty. The leather will soften and the brass dogs will remain shinny and bright.
After years the lacquer will wear off, but the dog is ready for a polish and will be as beautiful as when it was new. The collar must be cared for it like a fine piece of furniture. The reward is an exquisitely supple and rich feeling leather collar adorned with brass pieces that hold their beauty. It is a collar worthy of the most heroic dog, the best of friends, the truest of companions. The collar is guaranteed for the life of the dog when treated properly.

Why we make these beautiful dog collars
After much debate and searching, we finally found a qualified leather smith willing to bevel and edge our tappered collars by hand. Of course the price went up --considerably. We had long thought the brass collars so superior to the gold plated dog collars that we'd been making, that when the price of the leather became so expensive and the gold plating had tripled in price, it seemed the perfect time to switch to all brass. So here we are. Some would say not a good idea to raise prices in a recession. I thought about that and decided our customers are people that recognize quality and are willing to pay for it. This brass collar is the very best money can buy. I love this collar and I am proud to sell it. Many companies only worry about what the product looks like on the store shelves. We have a different attitude. Leather stiffens in water and disintegrates in salt water. so no swimming with this collar. Besides, it invalidates our guarantee. The brass dogs can be shined with Brasso. The buckles and D rings are cast brass. The dogs are made using lost wax casting and we use a classic yellow brass that we oxidize, give a high gloss polish, then lacquer. This is a rather involved polishing process but we believe this is how to make the very best product. We attach the ornamentation with a very unique method that we guarantee. Dogs do not fall off. We replace anything that needs replacing. The name plates are hand polished brass that are deeply engraved and made to last. We offer a fun engraved plate for the leash that reads "Fluffy's Leash"-- or whatever.... The collar is 100% USA made between the states of NY, VA, RI and CA. The buckle is from California but might be imported from Taiwan -- for full disclosure.
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